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You can cut costs. Without compromising the comfort in the cubicles.

A thick layer of bedding is usually used to provide comfort to the cows and to absorb liquids such as milk and urine.

Now there is a much cheaper type of bedding - recycled and dried: RecyBed.

Recycling reduces the burden on the environment and the drying process gives the bedding an excellent moisture retention capacity after absorption!

RecyBed uses a sophisticated system to absorb liquid at a specific rate: The moisture is first allowed to permeate the material before being absorbed. Odours are therefore locked in as it were by the dry top layer.

This attracts fewer flies, which in turn reduces the stress experienced by the animals.

Research conducted by the Animal Health Service (GD) has shown that RecyBed is Klebsiella free.

RecyBed has a neutral pH value and a good bulk density of an average of 500 kg/ m³.

The basic product (paper sludge which is released during the paper production process) is ' blasted ' into small pellets during the drying process. These pellets are then sieved and the dust is removed.

RecyBed contains no hard particles, splinters or other soiling!